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Debt Free College Degree


“We attended the play (College Fever companion to the seminar) in 2011/2012 and it changed our way of thinking about college for our daughter. She attended Delaware State University and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 4 years debt free in 2016. Thank you so much for the information you provided our family.” D.A.

For nearly seven years, Jay Cameron has been teaching students how to earn their college degrees 100% DEBT FREE! He’s back with an updated version of the original seminar. Complete with new strategies and information, this seminar is informative and inspirational.

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Every year, millions of families will be faced with funding college. The challenges of the college financing process can intimidate those who are not prepared. In an uncertain economy, it is critical for college students to make wise financial decisions for long-term success. Millions of students overpay and take on a lifetime of college debt. Don’t be in that number!

Why a DEBT FREE College Degree?

With student loan debt surpassing credit card debt and exceeding one trillion dollars, absorbing tens of thousands of dollars in debt leaves students and their families vulnerable to a host of risks. Student loans generally CANNOT be discharged in a bankruptcy? Medical professionals and attorneys who default on their student loans can lose their license to practice. Tax refunds, social security and disability payments can be garnished if a student or a co-signer defaults. These facts are not shared when many families sign up for financial aid assistance.


Why this seminar?

The Debt Free College Degree Seminar walks you step–by-step through the process of financing a debt free college education. The information shared in this seminar can save families 60% to 75% off of the “sticker price” of college. This seminar will give you the tools for long-term educational and financial success.

Who should attend?

  1. Students currently enrolled in college.
  2. Students and families preparing for college.
  3. Those who want to become knowledgeable about the college financing process.
  4. Individuals considering pursuing a graduate degree.

What you will learn?

  1. How to obtain a $100,000+ college education for 60% to 70% less without scholarships or grants.
  2. The ugly truth about student loans.
  3. The top mistakes students and their families make when financing college.
  4. 10 proven strategies for obtaining a debt-free degree and beating the high cost of college.
  5. Learn how to pay off those lingering student loans.
  6. Understanding FAFSA.
  7. Understanding the realities of grants and scholarships and how to obtain them.
  8. The High School Senior Year Debt Free Crash Course “I didn’t plan. I have no money. What do we do?”



Is this seminar is an investment or an expense? It’s all about the mindset you embrace. Crunching CommonCent$ numbers will help to see the potential benefit.

Registration Cost vs Potential Return

Debt Free College Degree The Seminar focuses on teaching strategies that can save thousands off of the costs of college (if implemented). By offering these steps, students are able to develop a plan that shows their potential college expenses. This paints a clear financial picture on the FRONT END and encourages them to avoid the high costs of college and student debt. Many attendees discover that the money needed for college can be found in the information/strategies received from the seminar.

 Seminar Value  

Most wise consumers do their due diligence BEFORE making a purchase. They invest in educating themselves before signing the contract. This is done in an effort to avoid making costly mistakes. Unfortunately, millions of families do not take this same approach when it comes to paying for college. As a result, many students and their parents make one of the worst financial decisions of their lives. Don’t let that be your story!

While Debt Free College Degree The Seminar cannot guarantee specific returns on investment or outcomes for attending the seminar, we can illustrate a hypothetical scenario.

If someone attended the seminar and gained information that saved them ten times the registration fee, that would amount to a 1000% return on the investment. If someone made a $100 to $300 investment in the seminar and learned how to avoid making a $10,000 mistake or developed a strategy that saved them $75,000 (or more) in college expenses and interest, the ROI would be tremendous.

 Crunching The Numbers   

$300 – Popular Athletic Shoe = Financial Return On Investment ?

$200+ – Concert Tickets To See Favorite Artist = Financial Return On Investment ?

$150 – Dinner At A Mid-Scale Restaurant For A Family of Four = Financial Return On Investment ?

$100 to $300 – Investment In Debt Free College Degree The Seminar COULD = saving $10,000 or more.


What makes this seminar different from other “College Prep” seminars, classes and workshops?

  1. There are many college preparation resources available. The Debt Free College Degree Seminar places an emphasis on attending and completing college “DEBT FREE”.
  2. Proven step-by-step strategies are presented as debt free financing options for seminar attendees.
  3. Financial literacy is emphasized and life planning strategies are also offered to complement the debt free college degree financing strategies.
  4. Families are encouraged to approach college from an entrepreneurial perspective in addition to an educational perspective.
  5. An Education Business Plan template is provided with the course workbook. This template walks students through many of the expenses they can anticipate over the course of their college careers. The Education Business Plan serves as a road map for obtaining a debt free college degree.
  6. The results speak for themselves. This seminar has helped students earn their college degrees debt free! Review the testimonial videos below to see what attendees have had to say about the sessions.

Why Is There A Fee For The Seminar? 

  1. Each seminar costs thousands of dollars to advertise and present. The fee ensures that the seminar can reach the maximum amount of people with this valuable information.
  2. The potential return on the investment in the seminar could far exceed the registration costs. Results are based on the efforts of the individual.

Do You Offer Financial Assistance To Attend The Seminar? 

  1. To help those in need of financial assistance, we offer TWO scholarships to attend the NEXT live seminar (in person only). 
  2. Each scholarship is good for ONE person to attend this specific seminar and requires an essay consisting of no less than 750 words.
  3. We do not offer scholarships for the online stream option.
  5. CLICK HERE to apply for The Debt Free College Degree Seminar Scholarship.