The CommonCent$ “Eating Out” Reduction Challenge

The CommonCent$ “Eating Out” Reduction Challenge

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Join Jay Cameron in the month of October for The CommonCent$ “Eating Out” Reduction Challenge. During the month of October, He is challenging those who are ready to get out of debt and change their financial picture to only pay to eat out four days  (once per week) and to spend no more than $15 on each of those four days.

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Learn tips and strategies for successfully reducing the amount you eat out during the month of October and beyond! Call in today!


What Is The Challenge? 

The first step in a wise debt reduction plan is to assess any expenses. For many people, eating out is a major monthly expense that eats away precious dollars that could be applied to debt. For the month of October, you are invited to take the challenge of drastically reducing how much you eat out. You are encouraged to monitor how much you save. 

Some people spend between $300 and $1000 per month eating out. Imagine if they took that same money and applied it to a lingering bill? Imagine the feeling of moving forward financially instead of staying on the hamster wheel of financial exhaustion. 

CommonCent$ is committed to sharing simple steps that can yield quick results so that momentum can be established. Understanding money is not as complicated as some (so called) “experts” try to make it. It’s all about knowing and repeating simple steps consistently and the results will come. 

We hope you join us on the journey to financial freedom! It starts today! 

Take a look as how eating out impacted the couple in this scenario.


Husband’s Eating Out Routine | Monday – Friday

  • Morning – Panera, Starbucks or Dunkin run $7.11 (5 days per week) = $35.55 weekly =$177.50 monthly
  • Lunch – Chiptole, Panera, etc $12.25 (5 days per week) = $61.25 weekly = $306 monthly
  • Dinner – Home

Weekend Eating Out With Family

  • TGI Fridays, Red Robin, etc $65 = $260 monthly 

Wife’s Eating Out Routine | Monday – Friday

  • Morning – McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts (3 days per week) $6.00 = $18 weekly = $72 per month
  • Lunch – Wegmans, Chick-Fil-A, Subway $10.00 (5 days per week) = $50 weekly = $250 per month
  • Dinner – Home

Total Monthly Eating Out Expenses = $1065.50

This total does not include groceries. Imagine if they reduced their eating out expenses by 50%. The difference could be used to attack those student loans and other debts. This family could reduce their eating out expenses by eating breakfast at home and taking their lunch to work. While their grocery bill might increase some, it would be no where near $1065 per month. This is a CommonCent$ strategy that could accelerate the debt elimination process without having to get a second or third job. Sometimes we already have enough but we spend too much